Complete Warehouse Administration

Experience the most comprehensive 3PL Warehouse Management Platform in the cloud

Our technology has matured in the real world of serving warehouse logistics. We enable error free, accurate transactions with system scalability so the system grows along with your business. Giving new meaning to Online Retail where Operation Tracking, Order Fulfillment, Last Mile Delivery, interacting with existing ERP and Accounting software are all what we manage in a way that leaves you assured with quality warehouse monitoring.

Serve Customers

Enabling you to cater your customers in real time and on site.

Operate Efficiently

Warehouse, workers and workflows all streamed through system dashboard.

Grow Faster

Our system is scalable to grow with you as your demands and needs grow of your business.

Benefits and Best Practices for 3PL Warehouses

Efficient Operations

Automate workflows and processes to enable e-commerce backend operations.

3PL Billing

Realtime billing for e-commerce transactions and customer invoicing.

Paperless Warehouse

On the go data entry from hand held devices to reduce workload and enable offline entries.

Complete Visibility

Entertain your customers and leave the backend automation to us.

Serve Your Customers

Automate workflows and processes to enable e-commerce backend operations.



KDA Scheme #1, Karachi


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